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Lejwe la Thuso

Stone of Help

Lejwe La Thuso meaning ‘Stone of Help’ was founded during November 2010 by both Mr. R.L. Molete and Mrs. S.E. Molete and full operation of the project started in April 2011.

Lejwe La Thuso Foundation is a NPO based in Dobsonville. It was established when the founders saw the level of poverty in and around our community and in the squatter camps especially now when there are so many child headed households due to the AIDS epidemic.

Help us to help Them

Our organization is community driven and is built by people who thrive on service of the community and the underprivileged.

We are non-political and embrace a diversity of thought, faith and culture. We respect the uniqueness of each individual while creating and maintaining a cohesion that unifies us as a community.

We welcome opportunities that connect us intergenerationally through community events, social networking, volunteerism and leisure activities.

Our Mission

is to bring about meaningful social change within the community through participatory programs in sports, community development and support programs designed to meet the needs of our beneficiaries and their families and to identify and implement actions to alleviate poverty

Our VISION is to create healthy and safe environments where our beneficiaries can be assisted with their homework, projects and interact socially.

Our core Values

0 Our beneficiaries come first in performing our duties.
0 We will use the resources entrusted to us, in the most efficient, effective and innovative ways.
0 We will work with our beneficiaries & other Non-Profit Organizations
0 We will ensure equity and non-discrimination in the services provided by our organization.

Our Main Objectives

Lejwe la Thuso


At Lejwe La Thuso Foundation, we not only look at our beneficiaries but also at the family background. We partner with other organizations to cover the needs of our beneficiaries.

Our trusted Partners.

At Lejwe La Thuso Foundation, not only do we look at the needs of our beneficiaries but also at the needs of the family as a whole. We have partnered with the following organizations, Government Departments and NPOs for referrals: